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Bail Bond Agents in Pasco County - Land O Lakes, New Port Richey, Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Pasco County, FL and Surrounding Areas



All Bail Bondsman in Florida are Licensed by the Florida Dept Of Financial Services and must adhere to the same Statutes and Rules equally.
  • All Bail Bondsman Must charge you the same Bail fees, no more or no less or they are violating the Law and compromising YOUR Bail Bond release for the long term.
  • If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Stick with a track record that has been proven over the span of almost 3 decades by By using our Pasco Bail Bonds Offices.
  • Inmate Releases, after you Complete the Bail Process with Our office, are than controlled by the Jail Staff and their workload, thus these Releases take on average from 2-4 hours after We have posted your Bail Bonds for your loved one.
  • Your Bail Bond obligation to Us and the Courts ends and is completed once your loved one has attended ALL of their Court Dates or until a final decision of any kind has been made by the Courts on the Cases at issue.
  • Your Bail Fee you are required to pay is, By Fl. Statute, Non-Refundable but any Collateral that you may have pledged in addition to the fee (If required) will be returned to you directly by Our Offices Bail Agents, once the Bonded Court Cases have been disposed of by The Court.
  • The Bail Fee in Florida which applies to ALL BAIL BONDSMAN IN THE STATE is 10% of each individual Bond or a minimum of $100.00 (which ever is greater)
  • We are allowed to give you a payment plan for the Bail Fee, if needed and upon approval, however WE MUST collect the entire fee eventually otherwise we are subject to heavy penalties by the State of Florida.
  • It is Illegal for any Bail Bondsman in Florida to discount your bail fee permanently, if you ever receive this kind of offer, our advice here at Brad's Bail Bonds is simply "Buyer Beware!"

Nature of Charges

Felonies -- These offenses, upon conviction, are punishable for one year and one day or more in the Fl. Dept. Of Corrections State Prison System.

Misdemeanors -- These Offenses, upon conviction, are only punishable for up to one year in a County Jail System.

Criminal Traffic Cases -- These Offenses can be either Felonies or Misdemeanors, depending on the seriousness of the alleged offense.

Drug Charges -- Sentencing guidelines for Drug Charges vary depending on the alleged amount of drugs claimed, Battery and all other offenses of a violent nature have sentencing exposures that vary depending on the amount of harm done upon a victim and Theft Charges have sentencing guidelines that vary as well depending upon the monetary value of the alleged theft.

All other offenses have set sentencing guidelines by Statute that Judiciaries follow, however Defense Attorney's usually seek to achieve lighter sentences while navigating a Client's case through the Court System. Of course a Not guilty, Acquittal or a "no-information" ordered on any case means that the Client will have no penalty to face at all.